Welcome to Key Internet!

Are you after no-fuss internet? Key Internet, a regional company, focuses on its customers over its profit. We deliver internet over many networks including NBN, ADSL, Fibre, 3G/4G Internet, Fixed Wireless and more! We don't have peak time congestion, and we don't have long helpdesk wait times. We are here for you, the customer.


Speedy Browsing

We keep all our links uncongested for the best browsing experience possible, whether your researching your family tree, checking your email, or streaming online TV - we make sure there's no slowdowns for you!

Friendly Support

When calling Key Internet, you are likely to talk a person your familiar with. We don't operate large call centres with hundres of staff, which means our support staff have direct access to all departments and managers to make sure your issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

No Fuss Payments

Key Internet offer a range of easy payment options for automatic payments so you don't have to worry about it.